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For hiring contracted workers, Angie’s List has been a go-to for many years. Despite how well known the site is, few reviews detail its services and whether it’s truly worth it. We’ll give our own Angie’s List review, detailing what services they provide, how much they cost, and the pros and cons of using it.





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What Services Does Angie's List Offer?

You can find a contractor for any home project through Angie’s List. We’re talking plumbing, heating, electrical, house cleaning, and even remodeling. To provide concrete examples, we’ll stick with hiring cleaners for a residence.

When you select a cleaning service, you’ll see a menu that specifically asks which service you need. For example, when you choose “Housecleaning,” you’ll get a menu that asks whether you want general maid service, janitorial services, etc. 

It’s excellent that Angie’s List gets so specific to match what you’re looking for. However, one downside is that they require a lot of personal information, even to get your results. Before you can even see the matches from your query, it’ll ask for your name, address, email, and phone number. 

Plus, you’ll have to call a toll-free number for them to verify your contact info properly. Sometimes, all you want to do is look around without taking extra steps, but they won’t let you.

Equipment and Supplies

Each company, especially cleaners, is different. They may require that you have supplies ready for them at home, but they’ll usually bring everything that they need for the job.

You’ll also be able to let the company know if you prefer that they use certain products, like eco-friendly cleaners and non-scratch mops. Odds are you’ll likely find a company that already provides those things, so you won’t have to make such a request.

However, you will have to be communicative with a service before you hire them. You should discuss specifics about what needs cleaning and that you understand the company’s pricing for such services. It’s an extra step, but it should eliminate all surprises and give you peace of mind for a quality cleaning.

How Much Does Angie's List Cost?

Angie’s List boasts of being free to all customers, though you can purchase their Gold or Silver Plans for more benefits. While you get superior benefits for free service, such as access to the call center, ratings, and reviews, you’ll get better access through the higher plans.

The cost of service depends on the company you hire. To hire a cleaning service, on average, costs around $180 in total. The longer and deeper the cleaning, the more it’ll cost. You can choose to hire a more general cleaning, or you can choose a deep cleaning, such as before you put your house on sale or after a significant renovation. Again, how much that service will cost depends on the company themselves.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Angie’s List has a Service Quality Guarantee, which offers protection to Gold and Silver members who claim a prepackaged deal or voucher for a service. If you’re unhappy with a service, Angie’s List will try to resolve the issue, either by finding a different company to provide your requested service or reimburse the purchase price of the members’ deal or voucher.

However, such a guarantee only covers the purchase price of the deal or voucher. If a member purchases services beyond what the deal or voucher is worth, then the guarantee does not apply to additional purchases.


If you’re willing to provide some personal info right upfront and don’t mind trying out an expensive plan, Angie’s List is not a bad place to look for contract workers. Plus, with all the articles on home and auto care you can read and extra information about their services, you can learn something, even if you don’t sign up.

Angie’s List does not allow anonymous reviews, so each review counts for something. Some companies might pay more to bump themselves up in search results, but all reviews are verified.

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