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Whether you’re researching the best insurance plans for your pet or thinking of making a change to the ASPCA plans, let’s look a little closer at offerings provided by C&F and its well-respected partner-by-name, the ASPCA. 





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What Is Pet Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Investing in a quality pet insurance plan for your furry best friend is a surefire way to make you feel more confident if, by chance, a health issue or injury arises. Every pet parent understands the hit your wallet can take when opening an additional insurance plan. It’s hard enough to save for our own insurance plans.

So you might ask, why do I need pet insurance? A pet’s life is full of uncertainties. Pets can escape the home and get lost, become injured, or, what’s more often the case, succumb to health troubles picked up with age or genetically. 

Vets estimate that 1 in 3 pets will have to visit the emergency room for treatment every year. You spend so much to ensure your loving pets’ have safe and happy lives already. The cost of veterinarian visits, ER treatments, and other unforeseen occurrences only add to the expenses of caring for a pet.

How Does ASPCA Pet Insurance Work?

Before discussing the plans and features in our ASPCA Pet insurance review, we should reiterate that the ASPCA doesn’t provide any of the services or guidance that underlies this insurance plan. 

C&F is the sole insurance provider. They handle claims, customer service, sales, and administers all the plans. Many customer reviews did not know about C&F’s leading role until after purchasing a plan–so keep that in mind.

The ASPCA plan is super easy to get started with right away. You can complete the entire process via computer. First, individuals can immediately sign up for a free quote for their pet’s needs by filling out a short questionnaire. 

After determining your quote, ASPCA will give you a detailed layout for their two main policies. Users also have access to customization tools that lets you change the pre-set limits, deductibles, and reimbursements.

Complete CoverageSM is the first plan. It has the most coverage options, the fewest fees, and the most customizable limits. You choose your annual coverage limit starting at $3000 and reimbursement percentages from 70% to 90%. Finally, you get to choose your annual deductible from $100, $250, or $500.

The other plan ASPCA offers is the Accident-Only coverage. It is a good plan for pet owners who prefer to cover those unforeseeable accidents that all pets are prone to meet. Your monthly plan depends on your pet’s age and breed and can cost as low as $14 per month.

Finally, ASPCA offers a supplemental Preventative Care plan. Individuals who add it to their plan will gain access to $250 of annual benefits for preventative treatments like rabies vaccines, wellness exams, and deworming.

What Is Covered and Excluded?

Our ASPCA Pet Insurance review found that their main plan, the Complete CoverageSM plan, covers accidents, behavioral disorders, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and treatment for dental problems. 

The Complete CoverageSM plan also covers exam fees and diagnostic tests that commonly occur when pets undergo treatment. The Complete CoverageSM plan also covers less traditional treatment techniques like stem cell therapy and acupuncture.

If you opt for the Accident-Only plan, your pet will be covered for emergency procedures–from minor operations needed to heal cuts and bites all the way to more major accidents.

The Preventative Care add-on carries a few more important benefits, including vaccine coverage, dental cleanings, and screenings that your pet may periodically need.

Turning now to the exclusions in the ASPCA plans, we found that they do not cover operations or treatment for any pre-existing conditions your pet might have. To be fair, there are very few pet insurance plans that do cover pre-existing conditions. 

However, the ASPCA has a program that addresses pre-existing conditions. If your pet is free from any of the symptoms of its pre-existing condition for 180 days and is cured, the insurance plan will no longer list that condition as pre-existing. This program excludes ligament and knee conditions, however.

Finally, procedures that a veterinarian determines to be nonessential are also excluded from coverage. These procedures can include removing a cat’s claws and cropping tails. The plan also excludes pregnancy procedures and anything related to breeding.

How Much Does ASPCA Pet Insurance Cost?

On average, ASPCA insurance plans are similar to competing plans. When shopping for insurance quotes, it’s crucial to remember that your pet’s age, breed, yearly limit, and location will all contribute to a hike or drop in the quote.

For an example of monthly plan costs, we find the following premiums under a Complete CoverageSM plan with a $5000 limit: 

  • $30.41 for a 4-year old female Dachshund in St. Louis, MO
  • $23.59 for a male Domestic Shorthair kitten in Brooklyn, NY
  • $96.83 for an eight-year-old Pitbull in Beverly Hills, CA

The add-on Preventative Care package costs $9.95 per month for $250 of annual benefits for rabies vaccines and routine procedures like wellness exams. Individuals can bump up their benefits to $450 annually by paying $24.95 monthly.

Whether you choose the comprehensive Complete CoverageSM plan or the Accident-Only option, ASPCA offers a discount for paying annually versus month by month as well as savings on monthly billing charges.

Claims and Service

One of the great additions to the ASPCA insurance plan is their online-friendly accessibility for making claims. Any policyholder can submit a claim through the ASPCA webpage or their mobile app. 

All that’s necessary to submit a claim is to write a detailed summary of your vet expenses, then link to a picture of your invoice slips. 

The ASPCA insurance team is available to contact from Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm EST at 1(866)-204-6764. They also check their email service consistently if you prefer to contact them that way: their email address is


ASPCA pet insurance is a trustworthy, dependable service that can go a long way to give pet lovers peace of mind. Thanks to their clearly-stated plan benefits and mobile-friendly platform, visitors to their site are sure to come away informed.

Plus, ASPCA’s straightforward use of language proves how attentive they are to pet lovers’ needs. Check out their Pet Insurance in Plain English page. It is a useful resource for those of us who are a little allergic to typical insurance-speak. 

Our bottom line in this ASPCA Pet Insurance review is: it’s a great all-around insurance for pet lovers all over the country. There are less expensive options out there, but with their customizable platform and variety of benefits, most pet owners will be happy with this service.

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