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Meal kits are one of the most popular ways to enjoy various dishes through a subscription service. EveryPlate’s service offers home-style recipes and pre-measured ingredients for easy, quick preparation. Each kit is delivered and offers a delicious alternative to traditional restaurant orders and expensive groceries.

We base our EveryPlate review on the quality of food, affordability, ease of ordering online, and the meal kit service’s flexibility.





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How Does EveryPlate Work?

Everyplate meal delivery kits are easy to order online. They offer a selection of chef specials each week, with the option of choosing your number of servings and the plan you prefer. Each week features a new selection of curated recipes for delicious, comfort foods and health-conscious meals. Once you select which dishes you want each week, EveryPlate will send you all the ingredients and recipe instructions to create the meals within minutes.

EveryPlate offers dinners for two or four, depending on your family or household size. If you order the dinner for two plan, you’ll receive three recipes each week, for two servings each for a total of six meals. Dinner for four offers the same number of recipes with four servings for twelve meals. If you decide to increase the number of meals and servings each week, EveryPlate will multiply your order to your family’s preferred servings.

Menu Options

EveryPlate offers a weekly menu with several meal options. There is a good selection of plates, including spicy and vegetarian options. You’ll find new menu options each week, so you can design your meal schedule according to as many options as you prefer.

All recipes and meal kits are easy to cook and prepare delicious meals like a professional chef. EveryPlate guarantees you won’t need more than 30 minutes to prepare your servings. If you have other commitments or a busy work schedule, you can easily fit your meal preparation and enjoyment into your schedule.

How Much Does EveryPlate Cost?

EveryPlate is affordable, with a set price of $4.99 for each recipe. To calculate your weekly meal plan cost, multiply the number of meal servings and the frequency of deliveries each week. For example, if you order a dinner plan for two, the cost will total six servings times $4.99 plus delivery three times a week. The maximum number of servings you can choose each week is five, for a total of four people. 

Shipping & Delivery

Registering an account on EveryPlate is easy and allows you to prioritize recipes and order size for delivery. The company delivers to your home several days a week, from Wednesday to Friday. After initially setting up your account and placing your first order, the company saves your information to make the process easy and effortless.

EveryPlate delivers meal recipe kits on ice packs if you’re not at home when they arrive. This accommodation is ideal for keeping your ingredients fresh until you’re available to pick them up to prepare your meals. You can check your delivery area by searching by zip code on the company’s website. EveryPlate delivers across the U.S., including some urban areas in Hawaii, Alaska, and some remote regions.

Customer Support

If you need assistance or have questions about the meal delivery service, it offers a toll-free number during open business hours. The website provides a chat feature available 24 hours a day and a helpful overview of the FAQ page’s questions and answers. You’ll find customer service representatives are friendly, responsive, and help guide you through the meal kit process.

EveryPlate is a fantastic meal kit delivery service, according to regular customers, who rate the company highly. In a nutshell, the company’s service can be summed up in the following points:

  • Customers enjoy saving significant time and money with pre-measured ingredients that each kit provides. It’s much easier to skip grocery shopping and reduce this expense every week.
  • The company offers a generous selection of recipes, with the option of creating custom family meal kits and increasing the number of servings.
  • Customers rate the food quality high and enjoy the variety of meals on the menu each week.


Our EveryPlate review shows that EveryPlate is an ideal option for meal kits. The company keeps it simple: they offer meals at a fixed price, and you can reduce or increase your servings and deliveries as desired. It’s one of the most affordable meal kit companies in the industry while providing nutritious meals and good quality ingredients.

This meal kit service gives you flexible options to cancel or reschedule your meal delivery dates. Meal kit servings are curated to appeal to a wide range of palates and household sizes. EveryPlate is a terrific company to sign up for regular meal delivery and keeping your budget on track.

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