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This Freshly review explains how Freshly works and explores menu options, customer service, and food delivery that make Freshly a leading company in the meal delivery service industry.





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Hectic work and home lives often leave us with no time to make fresh, nutritious home-made meals to nourish ourselves and our loved ones. There has been a boom in meal delivery services that make cooking easy, enjoyable, and tasty, not to mention much more affordable than eating out or ordering in. 

How Does Freshly Work?

Freshly is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh, healthy foods, with pre-portioned, single-serving meals and a fine dining or restaurant-style feel. Freshly has seen a steady growth of increasing popularity from working households that want quick and easy meals in the comfort of their homes.

Freshly strives to provide its members with well-rounded, high-protein meals that are delicious, nutritious, and well portioned. They offer various meal plans, each with many different, ever-changing weekly meal options to satisfy all tastes and dietary restrictions. Their services are reasonably priced, and they pride themselves on consistent and on-time food delivery.

They operate off the premise that working couples and families have limited time for cooking meals and tight budgets. Freshly designs healthy, affordable, and creative meals that bring joy to their customer’s kitchen and nourishment to their bodies. 

Customers choose their meals ahead of time, receiving a box full of fresh, refrigerated meals. When it’s time to eat, Freshly makes it simple by having pre-portioned plated meals ready for heating and enjoying in 5 minutes or less. 

Freshly members will first choose a meal plan that satisfies their dietary needs, meal schedule, and the number of individuals in their household. They will then specify a particular day of the week they would like to receive their food box.

Customers will then choose from a varied and ever-changing menu that supplies 40 nutritious recipes weekly. Meals fit each member’s dietary needs and provide one week’s worth of meals. 

After choosing their meals, customers wait for the prompt delivery of their meal box that arrives without fail on the day of the week that they specify in their delivery schedule.

Menu Options

On their website, Freshly offers various customizable meal plans with around 40 weekly menu items. 

There are two general meal plan subscriptions- freshly and freshly fit- both of which are customizable. Freshly Fit focuses on healthier, high-protein, high micro-nutrient foods that help you with your fitness goals. Freshly also focuses on protein as the centerpiece but with less strict adherence to calorie counting and micro-nutrient content. 

Customization options include gluten-free and peanut-free choices, as well as menu category.  There are crafted classics, signature collections, and take-out twists. Your plan also specifies how many servings you want for each meal and how many meals you want per week. 

Once you have customized your meal plan, Freshly shows you a list of menu options that adhere to your dietary preferences and time constraints. You choose the meals you desire from the menu, and Freshly delivers you a box with all the meals you specified in your order, all ready to heat up.

Meal boxes come with each nutritious, high-quality, pre-cooked meal already portioned per person. All premade meals come neatly packed and refrigerated with ice packs in insulated boxes to uphold the highest freshness standard. You can store the meals in your fridge for up to 5 days. 

The food box also contains recipe cards with straightforward preparation directions written in 6 steps or less for easy execution. All ingredients are pre-portioned, so the only thing you need to do is pop them into the microwave for three or four minutes.

How Much Does Freshly Cost?

Freshly members want nourishing and delicious meals that use high-quality ingredients for an affordable price, and Freshly certainly delivers. All meal plans have the same price, regardless of dietary preferences. 

Freshly charges a flat rate per week, but the fee varies depending on how many meals per week you get in your plan. Each meal is one serving and comes portioned as single-serving meals. You can also choose how many servings per household you would like, and you can add on extra servings if you will be having guests. The pricing breaks down as follows:

  • 4 meals per week cost a weekly fee of $51.95; the shipping fee is $5.99 per week
  • 6 meals per week cost a weekly fee of $ 62.93; the shipping fee is $5.99 per week
  • 10 meals per week cost a weekly fee of $99.89; the shipping fee is $9.99 per week
  • 12 meals per week cost a weekly fee of $101.88; the shipping fee is $11.99 per week

The best part about Freshly’s meal plans and delivery service costs is that their subscription is very flexible, so there is no cancelation fee for canceling your plan whenever you wish.

Shipping & Delivery

Your shipments come once a week with a shipment fee that varies according to how many meals a week are in your plan. You get one box every week that contains all the premade, portioned meals you have chosen, all ready to pop in the microwave.

You choose a day of the week that fits your schedule for food delivery to drop the box off at your home. Freshly lets you decide the day of the week that you know you’ll be home to receive and store your food so as not to lose its freshness.

You can schedule delivery cancelations for the weeks you don’t want to receive the service. You must make cancelations before the designated cutoff, which is approximately five days before the next scheduled delivery date.

Customer Support

Freshly has a responsive and helpful customer service department ready to assist you in any way they can, providing various communication channels. Their website is very user-friendly and has a FAQ section with every possible troubleshooting category. They offer an app to further facilitate order and deliver efficiency from the convenience of your phone. 

If you would like to discuss issues directly with a customer service provider, they have a virtual chat, email, and phone call options.


Freshly is a reliable food delivery service that supplies fresh, nutritious, well-rounded meals for your enjoyment. They let you customize your meal plans and bring a fine dining personal chef right to your kitchen table.  

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