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Initially founded in 2019, Pawp Pet Insurance is a privately-held company based out of New York. It offers an alternative to the traditional pet insurance provided by competitors. Through Pawp Pet Insurance, you can have access to 24/7 virtual vet support in addition to your emergency protection plan of $3,000 per year with minimal monthly costs.





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What Is Pet Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Similar to standard medical health insurance for humans, pet insurance helps to pay, either in partial or whole amounts, for the medical treatment of your pet. Depending on the insurance provider and your vet, you can find options that prevent any out-of-pocket costs, though traditionally, most offer reimbursement forms.

Usually, you will see that pet insurance providers cover emergency services only. Still, some will also help cover some of the cost of more routine services, including prescriptions, annual blood work, flea prevention, etc.

While pet insurance is not legally required and there are no penalties associated with having an uninsured pet, it does come highly recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

When you search for a pet insurance provider, you might want to reach out to your veterinarian first to see if they have any that they recommend. Some veterinary offices will be partnered with pet insurance companies, allowing you to minimize out-of-pocket costs with your visits.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not you want pet insurance, what type of pet insurance you want, and the provider you wish to obtain it from are all up to you. It’s essential to do your research and shop around to find the best fit for you and your pet.

How Does Pawp Pet Insurance Work?

Unlike other pet insurance policies out there, Pawp Pet Insurance is incredibly straightforward. Pawp Pet Insurance will cover one emergency only vet bill up to $3,000 per year per covered pet. There are no deductibles or copays required to access your annual allotted sum.

If you have an emergency that costs less than your allotted $3,000, it will still count as your coverage for the year, and you will not be eligible for additional coverage for that pet until the following year.

Pet insurance policies can be costly, but Pawp Pet Insurance offers pet owners peace of mind significantly lower monthly cost. Rather than be faced with the difficult decision between treating your pet or not in an emergency due to financial reasons, rely on Pawp Pet Insurance for support.

What Is Covered and Excluded?

Emergencies are subject to approval by the 24/7 Pawp virtual vets with whom you must seek consultation before seeking out in-person veterinary assistance for your pet.

Examples of emergencies that Pawp might cover include seizures, severe bleeding, choking, or other dangerous circumstances.

Diagnostic services that are unrelated to the emergency will not be included, as well as cancer care, prescription medications, or any follow-up care needed following the initial emergency.

How Much Does Pawp Cost?

Pawp Pet Insurance only has one plan. It eliminates the headache of comparing plans and you can ensure your pet’s emergency fund by paying a low monthly premium fee. If you have multiple pets, you can opt to share one emergency fund to help reduce costs even further.

Claims and Service

Before being eligible for your emergency, you must consult with the Pawp Pet Insurance 24/7 virtual vets via online chatting or video call. All emergencies must have approval from a Pawp vet to be covered.

The on-staff vets can provide you with first aid instructions or emergency triage based on your pet’s current situation. 

You have guaranteed access to a 24/7 virtual vet within two minutes. This is hugely helpful, especially in critical emergencies where you need to act fast and get answers. Compared to having to drive your pet to the vet and wait for evaluation, this can possibly be life or death.

Avoid potential false alarms by chatting with the Pawp virtual vets who can provide you at-home treatment of non-emergency situations as needed. While this is a cost-saving method for the company, it is mutually beneficial for pet owners.

Once the Pawp vets have approved your emergency, the payment process is simple. Pawp will pay your vet directly when your bill is due. You don’t have to worry about filing any claims, paying costs out-of-pocket to your vet, or wait for reimbursement, a feature that is incredibly streamlined and sets Pawp apart from competitors.


Pawp Pet Insurance is a uniquely affordable approach to pet insurance coverage. It offers some quality features and access to 24/7 virtual vet staff.

Pawp Pet Insurance sets itself apart from other pet insurance companies with the ability to bundle multiple pets into one plan. They also allow you to choose any vet once your emergency has approval from a Pawp Pet vet.

However, Pawp Pet Insurance is not for everybody and also has some unique limitations to its plan. Each plan caps out at $3,000 annually, and you can only use it on one emergency visit per pet. The plan does not include any follow-up treatments or prescription medications, and if you use less than your allotted $3,000, you will lose the remainder’s value.

All things considered, if you are a pet owner looking for basic emergency coverage for one or multiple pets, Pawp might be a great option for you. Pet insurance premiums can be complicated and can add up quickly, but Pawp Pet Insurance offers one simple, no-fuss plan to provide peace of mind to pet owners.

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