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SPOT pet insurance is a flexible online resource for insurance for cats or dogs. SPOT insurance offers a wide variety of coverage, including vet bills pertaining to illness or accidents. As an online retailer, SPOT gives its customers options to customize insurance plans that work best for them. This SPOT pet insurance review will tell you everything you need to know, including how they could benefit you.





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What Is Pet Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Pet insurance is health insurance for your pet. You pay a rate each month so that vet visits for certain covered conditions won’t impact you financially. Normally, insurers only cover serious conditions, like accidents or diseases like cancer. 

Although you have to pay a monthly premium, most pet insurance plans (including from SPOT) also have a deductible. A deductible is a fee you have to pay each time you use the insurance. The insurance company pays the rest of the vet bill.

Pet insurance plans also have annual limits. Annual limits are the total benefits an insurance corporation will payout to a customer in a year.

Pet insurance protects you from large costs that you may not be able to afford. Vet bills can often be expensive, so using a pet insurance service can cut down costs.

How Does SPOT Pet Insurance Work?

SPOT’s most unique quality is how they operate. You can use their app for buying or utilizing the insurance or you can use their online portal. You won’t be able to find any SPOT storefronts since they only operate online.

SPOT offers two basic plans—accident and accident and illness. Accident pans only cover injuries, while the other plan also covers any illnesses that your pet may contract, like cancer or mobility issues.

SPOT allows you to customize your annual limit, deductible costs, and reimbursement rates. By allowing a lot of customization, you get to choose a plan that fits your needs.

With SPOT pet insurance, you’ll have the basics covered, but what about preventative or extended insurance? SPOT doesn’t cover those in their basic packages, but you can pay an extra fee for those services.

What Is Covered and Excluded?

What SPOT covers depends on the package you choose. If you choose the accident package, SPOT will only reimburse you for injuries. The package with illness coverage will assist you with any pet diseases or ailments. SPOT covers all exam fees, too.

Apart from the basic options, SPOT also offers extended insurance, for a fee. The extended insurance from SPOT covers dental cleanings, check-ups, and vaccines.

SPOT wanted their coverage to be unique, so they expanded their insurance model to cover other remedies to your pet’s ailments. Some of these remedies include acupuncture, physical therapy, and hydrotherapy, among others.

All of the extended medical coverage at SPOT is an extra cost, including preemptive care and extended insurance. If you plan on utilizing any of these services, think about getting a Gold or Platinum plan from SPOT. These plans cover extended and preemptive care.

How Much Does SPOT Cost?

The cost for basic SPOT pet insurance is customizable. You decide how much money SPOT will reimburse you after using their service, as well as the deductible and annual limit. 

You also get to decide if you want accident-only coverage. Accident-only coverage is significantly less expensive than accident and illness coverage.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this point. Let’s say you have a golden retriever who’s four years old. If you choose the lowest annual limit ($2500), with 70% reimbursement and a $100 deductible, your monthly fee for an accident and illness plan will be $70.08.

But what if you just want accident-only coverage for your pet? With all the other parameters the same, SPOT’s monthly fee is $25.37.

Since you get to customize these packages to your liking, you’ll be able to find a plan that fits your needs with SPOT. Whether you’re worried about ailments or accidents, you’ll find a way to insure your pets for what worries you the most!

The Gold package, which covers preemptive care like dental cleanings and check-ups, is an additional $9.95 per month. The Platinum package, which covers everything in the Gold package and more, is an additional $24.95 per month.

Adding more than one pet to your plan reduces costs as well. SPOT has discounts for pet owners who sign more than one pet up for insurance.

Claims and Service

SPOT is fully online, and that includes its claims process. The SPOT developers have come up with tools that make the claims process as seamless and quick as possible.

One of SPOT’s developments is its app. The SPOT app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can fill out and send in forms on the SPOT app, meaning there’s no need to mail or fax forms into SPOT. 

SPOT’s interface is also available online. If you don’t have an Android or Apple phone, the online option is an excellent resource. You can find all the same resources from the app on their website. 

When your pet has undergone a procedure, the claims process is quick and painless. All you need to do is fill out forms and take pictures of the vet bill. After that, all you need to do is submit the documents.

For most veterinarians, you’ll have to pay part of or the whole bill upfront. SPOT will reimburse you for the percentage you chose after you’re submitted your forms. Some vets bill SPOT directly, saving you this step.


SPOT is an excellent option for anyone worried about their pet’s health. SPOT will help you cover eligible conditions your pet may be suffering. Keeping your pet healthy and happy starts with you!

Your pet brings so much happiness to your home, why not spend a little to make sure they’re safe, healthy, and secure?

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