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TaskRabbit is a freelance marketplace that connects taskers (people who perform gigs or tasks) and customers who need assistance with daily projects. The company was formed in 2008 and is based out of San Francisco, California. It provides paid work for over 140,000 taskers, all of which have passed a background check.





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What Services Does Task Rabbit Offer?

The goal of TaskRabbit is to connect taskers with customers who need to get projects done on time. Taskers earn income with TaskRabbit when they become a tasker and complete gigs for customers who ask for help through the platform.

If you need help with anything, TaskRabbit mostly has a service for it. You can browse the list of services on the company website, but there are several main categories:

  • Featured tasks – the website ranks the most requested tasks, including general cleaning, home repairs, spring cleaning, closet organization, office administration, and research.
  • Contactless tasks – includes contactless errands, disinfecting tasks, grocery shopping, delivery services, virtual assistant help, and yard work.
  • Handyman – these services extend to anything around the house, including furniture assembly, painting, plumbing, light installation, ceiling fan installation, television mounting, picture handing, carpentry, construction, cabinet installation, deck restoration, wallpaper projects, and baby proofing tasks.
  • Cleaning – includes services to get your home squeaky clean, including move-in and move-out cleaning, car washing, laundry assistance, spring cleaning, window cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, pressure washing, and deep cleaning.
  • Shopping and delivery – extends to errand running and grocery shopping for all kinds of food, supplies, and return items. You can even hire someone to wait in line for you or deliver coffee or breakfast to your doorstep.
  • Moving services – you can hire people to help you check off your moving list, including packing services, heavy lifting, unpacking services, furniture moving, mattress removal and pick-up, furniture rearranging, junk removal, and more.
  • Furniture assembly – you can hire a tasker to assemble a wide variety of items, including desks, beds, dressers, bookshelves, couches, chairs, tables, wardrobes, and anything from IKEA.
  • Virtual and online tasks – you can hire a personal assistant or someone to perform research, data entry, computer help, and other organizational tasks.
  • Office services – if you are a business owner or office manager, you can hire a tasker to help with items like commercial painting and cleaning, snack delivery, data entry, office administration, interior design, project management, desk setup, and supply delivery.
  • Winter tasks – the wintertime can be difficult for outdoor tasks, which is why TaskRabbit helps with snow removal, sidewalk salting, pipe insulation, storm door installation, winter deck, water heater maintenance, Christmas tree removal, and air conditioner winterization.
  • Yardwork – if you need help with the landscaping, you can hire taskers for gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, fence installation and repair, deck restoration, and other lawn care.
  • Holidays – no matter what time of year it is, you can hire someone around the holidays for baking, decoration assistance, deep cleaning, delivery, grocery shopping, photography, and other miscellaneous

Equipment and Supplies

As a tasker, owning supplies and equipment can help accomplish projects promptly. Depending on the nature of the tasks, the range of supplies may vary. Popular tools you may need include a box cutter, power drill, ladder, measuring tape, and basic tool kit.

For those taskers who focus on moving projects, some essential equipment includes ratchet straps, dollies, moving gloves, and moving blankets. Cleaning tasks will have a longer list of items, but all tasker service providers will be required to have an all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, protective equipment, microfiber towels, and cordless vacuum.

How Much Does Task Rabbit Cost?

Depending on the task, TaskRabbit can cost anywhere between $17 to $85 per hour. While taskers can define their rates, the average fee for moving services is about $34-$36 per hour. Other average service costs include:

  • Hauling: $47 per hour
  • Furniture assembly: $28-$30 per hour
  • Packing and unpacking: $53 per hour
  • Heavy lifting: $41 per hour
  • Mounting and installation: $38 per hour

Besides individual rates set by taskers, other components that affect the price include tips, additional tasks requested, and the furniture brand.

Payment is not due to the tasker until the project is complete in full. Taskers accept payment through PayPal, check, or through the TaskRabbit app. According to the company website, the payment system is secure, and all personal information goes through an encryption process. TaskRabbit also promises not to share any personal data with third parties without consent.

Satisfaction Guarantee

TaskRabbit’s “Happiness Pledge” serves as its satisfaction guarantee for everyone who uses the platform, including taskers and customers. The company makes it clear that it runs a technology platform to enable people to be more productive. But TaskRabbit also notes that it does not oversee or regulate how a tasker completes a project or how users interact with each other.

The happiness pledge encourages its customers and taskers to be happy with their experience using the platform. Depending on the specific case, TaskRabbit has policies in place to settle unresolved issues between users:

  • Clients can receive up to $10,000 per event for property damage because of a tasker’s negligence
  • Users can receive up to $10,000 per occurrence for injuries suffered by a user who did not cause it
  • Clients can receive up to $10,000 per event because of theft


TaskRabbit is the ideal platform for regular people to earn additional income through valuable, everyday tasks. Its service is easy to use and provides everyone the opportunity to get paid for things they specialize in. There will always be a need for this service because people may not have the time, skills, and patience to perform various tasks.

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